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Cason Heating & Air's goal is to provide our customers with total air comfort, beginning with prompt, friendly and professional service. Each job done, without exception, will be done with the highest regard to our customer's expectations. We don't consider the job complete until you, our valued customer, are completely satisfied. We are thankful and proud to say we have made life long friends from the customers we serve.

We are a full service HVAC business. We specialize in troubleshooting and change outs. We offer humidity control for a safer environment for your home as well as high quality air purifiers to assist in relief of allergy symptoms.


Our maintenance program ensures the longevity of your equipment as well as utility savings.


Our Energy Savings Maintenance
Plans provide you with a preventive maintenance program designed to keep the air in your home as clean as possible. It's offered to protect the investment you have in your system, ensure longevity of your system, lower your energy costs and relieve you from worries about breakdowns.

As a customer, you will receive Spring & Fall inspections on your systems, discounts on parts and labor and preferential treatment in the unlikely event you do have an emergency. By having our Energy Savings Maintenance Plan, you will save money by keeping your system in top condition. 


In compliance with your warranty it is important for your system to be serviced 2 times a year by a licensed HVAC contractor.

Contact us now to discuss your maintenance needs.

At Cason Heating and Air it is our goal to keep you warm when it's cold, and cool when it's hot.


Our heating specialist will:

Clean and Check Burner Operation,

Adjust as necessary

Check Heat Exchanger

Check Manifold Gas Pressure, Adjust as necessary

Check High Limit Control, Adjust as necessary

Check Fan Control

Change Flue for Proper Venting

Clean and Check Thermostat Calibration

Lubricate All Moving Parts where necessary

Check Heat Anticipator Setting, Adjust as necessary

Check and Adjust Air Flow for Proper Temperature Rise

Check and Adjust Indoor Blower

Clean, Check, and Adjust Pilot Assembly

Check for Gas Leaks

Check All Furnace Electrical Connections

Change Air Filter as necessary.

Here at Cason Heating and Air our Air Conditioning service is designed to keep you and your family cool all summer long!


Our A/C specialist will:

Clean and Check the A/C Condenser coil

Check Voltage and Amperage on motor

Clean, Check and Adjust Condenser fan

Check Condensate Drain Line & Pump

Check A/C Condenser Unit for proper charge

Change Air Filter as necessary

Clean and Check Thermostat Calibration

Lubricate All Moving Parts where necessary

Check Safety Controls where applicable

Check Air Circulation

Check All Electrical Connections

Check Starting Contractor Contacts

Check Temperature Drop at Evaporator Coil

Check Condensing Temperature

Check All Belts

Air Conditioning


Air Quality

* HEPA Filters 

Serving Covington, Conyers and Surrounding Areas


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